NASA JPL Raytheon

Today JPL continues its world-leading innovation, implementing programs in planetary exploration, Earth science, space-based astronomy and technology development. Our staff of system specialists have successfully completed contracts with JPL/NASA and Raytheon. 

Our Approach

Customers change their minds and loyalties faster than organizations can react to those changes. Jada Systems works with our partners to capitalize on these issues. Our specialized delivery model also allows Jada Systems to help business save time, money, and maintain a clear focus on their core business needs. With our staff of system specialists possessing extensive education backgrounds and experience in a wide range of disciplines, we  are able to provide comprehensive business and technology solutions to organizations. 

Current Projects

MARS 2020

Structural Engineering currently designing parts of the M2020 Adaptive Caching Assembly | Mechanical Engineering | Thermal Engineering


Flight Software Engineering 

SWOT (Surface Water Ocean Topography)

Unix/Linux Systems Administration |
Setting up Servers / Connectivity in Building 600

Mars / Cassini / First Gov.

Java, Asp, .net, Flash SharePoint Development Silverlight Development Technical Science Writing Support |Website Design/Development

Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer

Systems Engineering Software Development Systems Engineering and Testing | Configuration Management Data Operations  Web Development

Engineering Product Data Management (EPDM)

Multi-year PLM roadmap Development | Consolidate two major PLM platforms Database Development | Replicate and improve engineering processes from the old PDM system 

Software Architecting

Support design, development, integration and testing of software applications | Shell scripting in the Unix/Linux environment | Linux System Administration | Build applications in IDL, MATLAB, NX Teamcenter, and UNITY Development Engine

OCIO System Administration and Help Desk

System Administration | Building, configuring | Troubleshooting open source and commercial applications  Backups and restoration  | User support and documentation  | Technical assistance  | Resolve client desktop-related problems 


Software Development Support C/C++ Algorithm Development

The OAM Projects (Database Administration)

Support ISO Certification Process Supporting CMMI Certification Process Development of tools that automate IV&V tasks Perform IV&V of JPL TES Programs 


Business Analysis

We provide business analysts that supports processing, analyzing, and managing remotely sensed science data and utilizing image processing tools.

Signal and Data Analysis

We are working closely with science researchers, and responsible for the full lifecycle and operation of analysis software.


Flight Test Engineering

Developed test software environment including low-level software modules and high-level test protocols for the hardware test team.