Software Engineering

As our engineers begin working in applications or systems development, they first analyze the needs of the customer. Our team designs, constructs, tests, and maintains computer applications software or systems to meet these needs. Jada engineers are skilled in a varying programming languages and create systems that function properly.

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Quality Assurance and Testing

We perform quality assurance by employing various technical methods and measures, conducting formal technical reviews, and performing well-planned software testing.

Systems Engineering

We develop, design, and manage software systems from end to end. Our engineers  implement new systems, correct software errors in existing systems and improve performance through hardware upgrades.

Software Verification and Validation

Software verification and validation services including design reviews, code inspections, requirements analysis, test plan development, and formal validation.

Software Integration, Quality Assurance, and Testing

The quality assurance team at Jada Systems performs a set of activities that address quality assurance planning, oversight, record keeping, analysis and reporting. Our testing methodologies are process driven. The testing process starts along with the requirement analysis.

Testing Methodologies includes: Black Box Testing, White Box testing and Automated Testing.
Management of security features and assurances through control of changes to software; i.e. SCCS/CLEARCASE.