We have built long-term
relationships with our clients

We have successfully completed contracts and earned the reputation of
providing outstanding performance and building long-term relationships
with our diverse set of clients.

Our partners

MARS 2020 | SWOT (Surface Water Ocean Topography) | TES (Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer) | OCIO System Administration and Help Desk | Engineering Product Data Management (EPDM) | Software Architecting


System Administration and IT Help Desk | Security Improvements | Linux/Unix Applications | Windows/Network Architecture | Management Reports | IT Support for VMWare Architecture and Deployment

211 County

Provide technical support services | Migrate data from the current Oracle Legacy Database to the new LMS System SQL Server | Provide Oracle Database administration support services and Crystal Reports generation services | Oversee configuration management support for new software generation

City of Pasadena

Unix/Linux Systems Administration | Network Administration and Security Administration | Cloud/UNIX Development | Documentation | Support Database/Systems Administration

Children’s Hospital LA

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